About the DVBID

Downtown Vacaville is a 501 (c)(6) nonprofit founded in 1999 whose mission is to foster an economically vibrant Downtown. Downtown Vacaville serves the community by working on initiatives like parking and beautification efforts, coordinating special events and the weekly Farmers’ Market, supporting economic activities and examining Downtown issues.


Currently, we house seven committees comprised of business owners, employees, and the public at large. The Board of Directors is comprised of business owners, managers, financial institutions, not-for-profits, the media and higher education. Together, we strive to enrich our Downtown community through beautification efforts, placemaking, and supporting a vibrant economy.


Downtown Vacaville primarily serves its members in the areas of Parking, Promotions, Design, Economic Activities, Food, Beverage & Services and Promotions. Committees are comprised of business owners, employees and the public at large. The 17-member Board of Directors is comprised of business owners, managers and ex officio members representing the different businesses in the Downtown area.

Downtown Vacaville is a voluntary member run organization, with the exception of the staff. The businesses are their own guide and determine the ultimate direction of the Downtown Vacaville.

The Board of Directors hires an Executive Director who is responsible for carrying out the directive of the committees, overseeing the budget, maintaining relationships with City Hall, members, other state and community organizations and the media.

The Executive Director also works with the Executive Assistant to coordinate all events and promotions occurring in the Downtown area including the Creekwalk Concert Series, Merriment on Main, and much much more.

The Executive Assistant also runs the daily nuts and bolts of a busy office including phones, letters, errands, working with the public and mounds of paperwork as well as much of our print and media design.


Brooke Fox, Executive Director

Judy St. George, Executive Assistance

Executive Committee

Ralph Berumen, President

Allstate Insurance

Karen Seymour, Vice President

First Northern Bank

Bobbi Stokes, Treasurer

KMG Mortgage

Chandra Crowley, Secretary

Your Town Monthly

Mike Rogers, Sergeant in Arms

Coldwell Banker, Kappel, Gateway

Kathleen Ramos, Past President

Stumbaugh Realty Advisors

Boards and Committees

Board of Directors
Ralph Berumen – President (Allstate Insurance) Karen Seymour – Vice President (First Northern Bank)
Bobbi Stokes – Treasurer (KMG Mortgage) Chandra Crowley – Secretary (Your Town Monthly)
Mike Rogers – Sergeant in Arms (Coldwell Banker, Kappel, Gateway) Kathleen Ramos – Past President (Stumbaugh Realty Advisors)
Maria Brana – Director (KUIC Radio) Gina Harless – Director (Estheem A Spa Boutique)
Mathew Taynton – Director (Tweed Hut Music Store) Wendy Jackson – Director (Jackson Medical Supply)
Ray Posey – Director (Ray’s Cycle) Ed Rapisarda – Director (Fox Real Estate Group)
Stacy Schutte – Director (Tasars Le Salon) Heather Strachan – Director (McCune Garden Chapel)
Business Enhancement Committee
Ed Rapisarda Maria
Don Burrus
Welcome Committee
Stacy Schutte Mike Rogers
Karen Seymour Gina Harless
Chandra Crowley Maria Brana
Kathleen Ramos
Design Committee
Wendy Jackson Stacy Schutte
Barton Brierley Maria Brana
Gina Harlass
Marketing Committee
Ed Rapisarda Kathleen Ramos
Fundraising and Sponsorships Committee
Bobbi Stokes Mike Rogers
Associate Members
Dean Roberts Wendy Jackson
Kathleen Ramos
Parking Committee
Ray Posey Wendy Jackson
Bobbi Stokes