About the DVBID

The roots of Vacavilles’ downtown business district began with the formation of the Downtown Vacaville Business Association in 1992, a volunteer affiliation of local business owners, property owners and stakeholders who came together to address common ideas. In October 1999, Vacaville City Council passed an ordinance establishing a parking and business improvement area, to be named the Downtown Vacaville Business Improvement District. The ordinance created a .25 mile, roughly 7 x 6 block district, then home to 345 businesses.

The newly formed DVBID then established 501(c)6 non-profit status and formed a Board of Directors comprised of BID-member business owners, managers, financial institutions, non-profits, media professionals and educators. They set out to preserve and enrich Vacaville’s beloved downtown district through beautification, placemaking, and by supporting its’ vibrant economy.

The DVBID earned much of its notoriety by creating signature experiences by producing some of Vacaville’s most celebrated special events. The Saturday Farmers’ Market, annual Wine Stroll, Country & Western Festival, Oktoberfest celebration and Halloween Stroll bring thousands of locals and visitors into the district every year to shop, dine and play.

The DVBID currently represents 420 active member-businesses across many industries. It’s Board of Directors and two full time staff members work in close collaboration with city leaders and community stakeholders to advance common goals and concerns like parking allocation, cleanliness, security, streetscape design and economic/retail development.

BID Member-Businesses have access to an exclusive suite of business development tools including special marketing opportunities, public relations support and business education seminars designed with downtown merchants in mind.


  • Maintenance: sidewalk sweeping, trash and debris removal, power washing of sidewalks, graffiti removal and more.
  • Security: additional security to augment services from local police ranging from conventional security patrols to special events.
  • Marketing and Promotions: programs to improve the overall image of a business district. Done by the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy and implementation plan to work with the traditional media and social media.
  • Special Events: reinforce the business districts drawing power as a destination.
  • Parking and Transportation: BIDs often support the management or expansion of the parking supply within the business district.
  • Economic Development: BID management is tasked with attracting businesses and jobs to the district, while maintain a strong relationship with existing businesses to help them grow and expand their operations.
  • Tourism Promotion: In California, BIDs are increasingly being used to supplement local and regional tourism programs to attract visitors.
  • Human Services: BIDs are becoming active partners with human services agencies to help address the issues of the homeless.
  • Capital Improvements: street lights, benches, kiosks, retail frontage programs and public art to name a few.

Brooke Fox, Executive Director

Sullina Sanchez, Special Events Assistant

Executive Committee

Karen Seymour, President

First Northern Bank

Dean Roberts, Vice President

SonRise Community Fellowship

Bobbi Stokes, Treasurer

KMG Mortgage Company

Mike Rogers, Secretary

Coldwell Banker, Kappel, Gateway

Kathleen Ramos, Sergeant at Arms

Stumbaugh Realty Advisors

Ralph Berumen, Past President

Allstate Insurance

Board and Committees
Board of Directors
Karen Seymour – President (First Northern Bank) Dean Roberts – Vice President (SonRise Community Fellowship)
Bobbi Stokes – Treasurer (KMG Mortgage) Mike Rogers – Secretary (Coldwell Banker Kappel Gateway)
Kathleen Ramos – Sergeant in Arms (Stumbaugh Realty Advisors) Ralph Berumen – Past President (All State Insurance)
Maria Brana – Director (KUIC Radio) Chandra Crowley – Director (Your Town Monthly)
Kimberly Muffett – Director (Pretty N Chic Furniture) Ed Rapisarda – Director (Fox Real Estate Group)
Stacy Schutte, Director (Tasaris Le Salon) Kelley Hansen, Director (Pace Solano)
Business Enhancement Committee
Ed Rapisarda Maria
Welcome Committee
Stacy Schutte Mike Rogers
Karen Seymour Dean Roberts
Chandra Crowley Maria Brana
Kathleen Ramos
Design Committee
Wendy Jackson Stacy Schutte
Barton Brierley Maria Brana
Marketing Committee
Ed Rapisarda Kathleen Ramos
Fundraising and Sponsorships Committee
Bobbi Stokes Mike Rogers
Associate Members
Dean Roberts Wendy Jackson
Kathleen Ramos
Parking Committee
Bobbi Stokes Wendy Jackson